CJJ is a grassroots network committed to creating a more just, fair, and compassionate North Carolina. We build relationships where people help each other because individuals have a profound responsibility for the well-being of the whole.

Founded in March 2013, Carolina Jews for Justice combines advocacy and education to organize a non-partisan Jewish voice for justice in North Carolina. We work to influence policy at the local and state levels and encourage individuals and Jewish institutions to take a stand on important issues in our community.

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Latest Updates

May 13, 2021

New In-Person Event Guidelines

Since March 2020, it has been CJJ's organizational policy that all official events happen virtually. The health and safety of our community remain our utmost priority, and after extensive research and consideration, we are updating that policy to allow for...

May 11, 2021

Resources for Voting Rights Activism

Assembled below are some of the best nonpartisan organizations working to promote voting and increase voter access and transparency, both here in North Carolina and nationally.  If there are others that you think should be added...

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