Abortion access is a Jewish value, and CJJ will unapologetically fight for safe and legal access to abortion care and to ensure that every single person can make their own decisions about their body, health, and future.

Our friends at the Carolina Abortion Fund say that the South has always been post-Roe, so we’re not surprised by the news that the Supreme Court is anticipated to eliminate federally-protected access to abortion. While we are devastated and furious, we know that this fight is far from over. That’s why CJJ works in coalition to remove the many restrictions on abortion access in our state, following the leadership of those who are most directly impacted by these attacks on reproductive freedom. Here’s how we start:

  • Donate to the Carolina Abortion Fund, and independent clinics such as Keep Our Clinics that continue to work hard to make sure people can get the care they need.
  • Contribute to the Jewish Fund for Abortion Access, an initiative of the National Council of Jewish Women that resources the National Abortion Federation. 
  • Support Pro-Choice NClong time leaders in this fight working exclusively to protect and advance the reproductive rights of North Carolinians — and sign up for their Rapid Response list to stay informed about actions you can take now and in the future.
  • Make sure you are registered to vote. And then go vote, in every election, and down the whole ballot. (Early voting for the 2022 General Election is Oct. 20-Nov 5; Election Day is Nov. 8.)
  • Contact your senators to demand that they protect our rights by passing the Women's Health Protection Act.

To learn more about how our Jewish values inform our work for reproductive justice, check out the National Council of Jewish Women's Abortion and Jewish Values Toolkit. Each section explores a different facet of this work, and the background information provides a necessary context for understanding the specifics of the Jewish messaging resources and the intersection of abortion rights with other critical issues.


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