When we take action for justice, we are living out our Jewish values.

Please join us!


As the talmud teaches us, “Whoever destroys a single life, it is as if they destroyed an entire world.” The violence of white supremacy is never singular  the systemic racism that allows Black people to be murdered with impunity is destroying our whole world. We can, however, build new worlds, and Carolina Jews for Justice stands in solidarity with the Black leaders – within our Jewish community and beyond – who are actively fighting for and constructing that future. Please join us.


Carolina Jews for Justice believes in the possibility of a world without antisemitism. We are working together with our communities and our allies in our state to fight antisemitismas well as racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, and more, because we know all of our liberations are intertwinedto build a better future for us all.

Voting Rights

At both the federal and state level, policymakers are obligated to ensure that every eligible voter has the option to vote and vote in a safe manner. In this critical election year, Carolina Jews for Justice is working especially hard to protect these rights and encourage voters to make their voices heard. To join with one of our voting rights working groups, email [email protected]

Immigrant & Refugee Justice

As North Carolinians and as Jews, we are committed to welcoming all who seek the same promise of safety and prosperity that first drew many of our own ancestors to this land. One of our core guiding principles at CJJ is V’ahavta L’reacha Kamocha (love your neighbor as yourself). Living into this value compels us to advocate for immigrant and refugee justice, because every person, no matter what we look like or where we come from, deserves to live with freedom, safety, and belonging. 

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