Resources for Voting Rights Activism

Resources for Voting Rights Activism

Assembled below are some of the best nonpartisan organizations working to promote voting and increase voter access and transparency, both here in North Carolina and nationally. 

If there are others that you think should be added or have questions, please contact Cole Parke or Ron Katz

Resources: Way to learn about issues around voting and democracy:

  • Voting Rights Lab - NC webpage: Offers a listing of all bills introduced or in the pipeline in one of the chambers that address voting. These can be ones that could be considered voter suppression, voter “enhancement”, redistricting or something comparable. This webpage also lists a lot of questions about voting  
  • Democracy Docket is a website and advocacy group focused on voting rights and election litigation in the United States.  The website follows ongoing stories about current legislation. You can also sign up for their newsletter or follow on FaceBook.  
  • The NC Board of Elections has created the above webpage as well as a Mythbuster Archive to provide accurate information and to address some of the rumors that have been circulated attempting to discredit our elections.
  • Ranked choice voting: If you haven't heard about this way to change voting, you'll get answers to your questions and learn about efforts that are happening in NC to adopt this change through Better Ballot NC.
  • National Popular Vote: “Every vote counts and the candidate with the most votes in all fifty states and the District of Columbia wins the presidency.” This is the basic premise of the National Popular Vote effort, a nonpartisan undertaking begun in 2006. Go here to learn about efforts made in North Carolina. 
  • The Brennan Center for Justice offers a progressive response nationally around a variety of issues including voting and democracy rights. 

CJJ Partners: Many of the following groups offer ways for you to take action here in North Carolina. Those specific actions may be timely and are included in this separate blog. 

  • Democracy NC has a mission to “strengthen democratic structures, build power among disenfranchised communities, and inspire confidence in a transformed political process that works for all.” It is one of the “go to” organizations in North Carolina and has organizers throughout the state. They have compiled this list of bills that have been introduced in the NC General Assembly and offer ways to learn and take action.
  • Common Cause NC is especially engaged in redistricting reform and the drawing of fair districts in NC in 2021, but that is only part of their work. The link above offers their focuses: gerrymandering & representation, voting & elections, money & influence, and ethics & accountability. 
  • All on the Line NC is “on a mission to end gerrymandering”. The link highlights their work and how people can be involved. 
  • You Can Vote is focused on making voting easier and more accessible, especially for groups that in the past have been challenged. 
  • Down Home NC was created especially to mobilize and involve people in small towns and rural communities. 
  • League of Women Voters NC is a membership organization open to all with chapters in many counties in our state. They are focused on providing accurate information on voting and promoting voting to make our democracy strong. 
  • League of Women Voters Wake County is a leader in redistricting reform. The link offers a host of resources that are being used throughout our state. They also lead the effort to build and manage Fair Districts NC and Fair Counties NC, both focused on redistricting.  
  • Southern Coalition for Social Justice “partners with communities of color and communities who are economically disadvantaged in the south to defend and advance their political, social, and economic rights.”

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