Elections and Voting Rights 2022: What You Can Do Now

Elections and Voting Rights 2022: What You Can Do Now

It’s time to Get Out the Vote! If you are thinking of supporting specific candidates, go for it! Also, please consider the value of voter outreach with nonpartisan organizations.  These groups often know best how to reach people of color and young people and may be better equipped to connect with voters who don’t identify with either major political party or are turned off by partisan politics.  This guide gives you information about the nonpartisan organizations active in North Carolina. Take a look and choose some to join! 

It’s our hope that many of you will get involved.  Commit now through our own CJJ Pledge!

If you’d like to take action together with others in CJJ, contact one of our Voting Rights groups. If you have questions or would like to talk with someone in order to figure out how to get started with taking action, contact [email protected].

[Guide updated 10/02/2022]




Be sure to check your sample ballot so you’ll be informed!

Three things to do for yourself:

1. Take the online Pledge To Vote with You Can Vote. They will help you make sure your registration is up to date, and send you timely personalized information about where and when you can vote. Click here to sign up for yourself and then share with your networks.

2. Check your registration and get your sample ballot. District lines have changed, and there may be some races on the ballot you didn’t know about!  To find your sample ballot, look up your voter registration by clicking here, then scroll down.

3. Read nonpartisan information about candidates at www.vote411.org or http://www.ncvoter.org

Races on the ballot include:

  • The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives
  • The N.C. General Assembly (Senate and House of Representatives)
  • The N.C. Supreme Court and Court of Appeals
  • Municipal and county elections in some locations, including judicial and sheriff races, bonds, etc.  (Check your sample ballot!)

For nonpartisan information about candidates:  

See www.vote411.org or http://www.ncvoter.org

Voter Registration

When: The deadline to register or update your registration is October 14.

Note:  You may also register during Early Voting and then vote at any Early Voting site.

Early Voting

When: October 20 –  November 5 

Where: Any Early Voting site in your county

To find early voting sites and schedules, click here.

Election Day:

When: November 8 from 6:30 am - 7:30 pm

Where: Vote at your precinct.  To find your precinct polling location, look up your voter registration by clicking here, then scroll down. 

Vote by Mail/Absentee ballots

To request a ballot, click here. If you want to download a form, click here.

When:  Available now!  The deadline to request a ballot is November 1, but do it sooner! 

Submitting a completed ballot:  Completed ballots must be delivered to the county Board of Elections Office by 5 pm on November 8, or postmarked by 5 pm that day and received by November 11.

How to track your ballot online:
Click here.


Choose from actions that take a few minutes to those that require an hour or more, or an ongoing commitment. Once you have chosen, do what you can! If you sign up for a phone bank or text bank, you don’t have to stay the whole time! If you postcard or write letters, you can write them a few at a time, or write them together with friends. If you canvass or register voters in person, you get to hang out with other people! 



Let’s help voters connect the dots between elections and the issues they care about.  Engaging them will help them understand the power of the vote. Only by voting will they gain power and elect officials who work for the well-being of their families and communities. 

Here’s what you can do right now for North Carolina:

Register Voters In Person 

  • You Can Vote operates in over 40 North Carolina counties to educate, register, and mobilize eligible residents to become lifelong voters, with a focus on groups facing barriers to voting. Training is over, but if you have been trained, you can sign up for voter registration events across the state. Click here for more information. 

Talk to Voters: Canvass, Phone Bank, or Text Bank

  • Phone bank: Join Carolina Jews for Justice and Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry of North Carolina for a  collaboration with the New North Carolina Project on a series of 8 Thursday evening Faith in Action  phone banks. The New North Carolina Project is founded and led by people of color and modeled after Stacey Abrams’ New Georgia Project. Our phone banks reach out to people of color across the state.  Guaranteed to be friendly and accessible to new, nervous, or experienced phone bankers!  For info and to sign up, click here. 
  • Canvass, phone bank, or text bank with the New North Carolina Project to make sure people of color across the state are registered and know how to cast their ballots. Sign up here.
  • Phone bank, text, canvass, work at a polling location, and more with the North Carolina Black Alliance, a statewide organization with the mission of “addressing policy and economic issues that will empower Black communities.”.  Sign up to volunteer here.
  • Phone bank during Early Voting with You Can VoteMake sure voters have the information they need to be ready to vote. Training provided.  Dates:  10/19, 11/3, and 11/7, 5:30 - 8:00 pm.  Click here for information and registration.

Write Postcards!

  • Postcards: The New North Carolina Project has two postcard campaigns. One is a partnership with All On The Line NC, and involves sending postcards to voters of color in Guilford County with information about their new congressional district and why their votes are so critical to the continued fight for fair districts in North Carolina. All cards must be mailed by Oct 20. To request your postcards (with or without stamps included), click here
  • Another way to write postcards for the New North Carolina Project is to join with the Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action (JALSA). You can write postcards now and mail by October 24.  Sign up here
  • Reclaim Our Vote (part of the Center for Common Ground) will also set you up to write postcards to voters of color in North Carolina. Write the postcards and stockpile them to mail in October (exact date to be provided). To get started, email [email protected]  
  • Write postcards to young voters, a group that has a low voter registration rate, with the Civics Center. To sign on to write postcards, click here.


  • Monitor your County Board of Elections (BOE) as a Local Election Advocate with Democracy NC. Local BOEs make decisions about polling locations, early voting schedules, the election administration budget and election security. The Boards meet monthly with additional meetings close to elections. Some meetings are in person, but most meetings also have virtual access.  Democracy NC will train you and provide ongoing support. To view information about your county’s Board of Elections and to access training materials, click here.
  • Become a paid poll worker with your county Board of Elections. Poll workers play a critical role, helping voters cast their ballots and making sure election procedures are followed. Anyone aged 17 or older is eligible for these paid positions. For details and to sign up in North Carolina, click here.
  • Volunteer with your County Board of Elections. Many county BOEs welcome volunteers and hire short-term help to support registration and voting. Contact your local Board of Elections. To find contact information, click on this link.


  • Be a Vote Protector with Democracy North Carolina on November, 4, 5, and 8.  These important volunteers “help voters who encounter problems at the polls and ensure that every polling place is running as it should — sounding the alarm when something isn’t right.” To sign up for training (you either  attend a virtual meeting or view a training video on your own), click here
  • Monitor social media to protect voters from online disinformation with one of two organizations. Common Cause holds two-hour shifts on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Protect the Vote holds their sessions on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Learn to be a Social Media Monitor to “listen to conversations in your community about voting issues, report mis/disinformation you see, and uplift trusted sources to voters who need it!” For more information, Click here for Common Cause and here for Protect The Vote.


One way to keep up with the action is by signing up for emails and newsletters from partners listed on the Carolina Jews For Justice Resources Page.

You can also attend a monthly, one-hour meeting for volunteers with a North Carolina voting rights group. 

  • You Can Vote: Monthly volunteer updates are held typically on the last Thursday of the month at 6 pm. Click here to register. 
  • Democracy NC: You can sign up for alerts so you’ll know when action is needed and important meetings are scheduled.
  • Common Cause: Sign up for one of their monthly webinars featuring expert presentations and Q&A time. Sign up here
  • New North Carolina Project: If you live in Orange, Durham, or Alamance counties, sign up here for monthly volunteer meetings. 



[email protected]

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