Sunday School with CJJ in the Triangle

Sunday School with CJJ in the Triangle

Antisemitism? White nationalism? White supremacy? Christian hegemony? What do they all mean and how can we dismantle them? Come on out to Northgate Park in Durham on Sunday, May 21st at 11am to meet with fellow CJJ-Triangle members for a Sunday school session.

We will engage in this political education not because Jews are more important than other people or antisemitism is worse than other oppressions. Antisemitism is a core component of white nationalist ideology.

After the success of the Civil Rights movement, white supremacists had to contend with a conflict in their basic ideology: If Black people were subhuman, then how could they have succeeded over Jim Crow and won civil rights? Their answer: the Jews. They dredged up centuries-old stereotypes about the Jewish drive to undermine the white Christian race by any means necessary, particularly through the manipulation of people of color.

We see this today in mainstream culture in regards to the the Movement for Black Lives as Trump and others claimed that Black organizers are in the streets as “paid protesters” supported by “Soros money” to “cause unrest”. Just like they couldn’t explain the Civil Rights movement, white nationalists can’t explain the current Black liberation movement that is growing and thriving around the country. Their explanation has to be: Jewish manipulation. 

Want to be in deeper discussion about how antisemitism is used to keep us feeling fearful and divided? Register below. See you at the park!

May 21, 2023 at 11:00am - 1pm
Northgate Park
300 W Club Blvd
Medium Picnic Shelter
Durham, NC 27704
United States
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