Statewide Day of Outrage

Statewide Day of Outrage

North Carolina is under major attack.  Now that the far right wing has gained supermajorities in both chambers of the State Legislature, they are passing far reaching legislation that will impact our people for generations to come. They are attacking our bodies, our schools, our health, our environment, our rights, our communities, our income, our jobs, our democracy and every aspect of our lives. 

The people of North Carolina are coming together to put forward the following People’s Agenda:

Invest in Our Children!

  • Fully fund public schools (fund Leandro) including early education and childcare, not private school vouchers!  Defend Black history and people’s history!
  • Protect our children and our communities with sensible gun safety laws! 

Fund Health Care!

  • Safe staffing in state mental health and medical facilities and universities! Protect mental health of youth and adults!
  • Expand Medicaid! Improved Medicare for All – Healthcare is a Human Right! No to BCBS price hikes! 

Keep Your Bans Off Our Bodies!

  • Defend the right to abortion care and reproductive health care! Protect and increase rural access to OB/GYN and pre/post-natal health care!
  • Protect trans youth! Stop criminalization of LGBTQ+ people! Support gender-affirming care services.

Defend Our Rights & Democracy!

  • Defend voting rights! No to gerrymandering voting districts! 
  • Stop criminalizing the right to protest!
  • Stop the NCGA power grabs taking historic appointments from the Governor’s office!

Create an Economy for All!

  • Raise the minimum wage for all workers to at least $15 per hour. Living wages for all! 
  • Raise the wages of teachers and state employees to $20 per hour or by 20% over two years, whichever is more. 
  • Make millionaires and corporations pay the taxes that they owe to support vital public services! 
  • Support the right to organize a union and public sector collective bargaining! Fully fund OSHA!  Safe and healthy workplaces, paid sick leave, paid family and parental leave for all!
  • Safe, low income housing for all! Provide direct rent and mortgage relief! Moratorium on evictions, foreclosures and utility cut offs. 
  • Support minority and women-owned business enterprises.

Uproot Racism!

  • Stop attacks on Black, Brown and Indigenous people! Reparations now!
  • Protect immigrant workers and families! No to 287G! Community ID’s now!
  • Stop construction of prisons and detention centers.
  • Expanding criminal record relief and resources for people returning home from incarceration

Protect Our Future!

  • Clean water, air and land for all! Environmental and Climate Justice now!  
  • Hold Big Agriculture, Duke Energy and all corporations accountable for environmental pollution! Expand commitments to renewable energy. 
June 14, 2023 at 6:00pm - 9pm
State Legislature in Raleigh

Will you come?

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