Spring 2023 Don't Kvetch Organize

Spring 2023 Don't Kvetch Organize

We build the organizing power of our progressive Jewish community in North Carolina through activation around the social justice issues that matter to us. One of the ways the coordinating team at CJJ would like to build power over the next year is by supporting our members developing their skills as organizers and advocates. Jewish Organizing Institute and Network (www.joinforjustice.org) offers an online course called Don’t Kvetch, Organize in community organizing skills that has been helpful for a number of our members, and we'd like to bring together a group of folks at CJJ to take the course together. You can register for the course at this link.

The course was designed for people who are either relatively new to organizing, or who have been organizing for several years without having had the benefit of sustained training. It can be especially eye opening for people who have some experience under their belt, and it's invaluable having an organizing context to think about how to apply the concepts in the course. The course teaches organizing fundamentals like the difference between organizing and direct service, what a campaign is and how to build power, and how to think about working in coalition with other groups, all essential parts of how CJJ shows up. You can register for the course at this link.

The course is entirely online, it will begin in mid-April and run through the first week of June. Most of the course content is pre-recorded videos that you can watch on your own time - requiring under two hours of your time per week. You would be taking the course in a group of about 20 - 30 people. There will be a live training each week where you'll get to talk about the content from the course and practice some of the skills, which will be recorded if you can't make the time. You will also be able to post on a discussion forum responding to a prompt each week. You can register for the course at this link.

Registration for the course is on an income-based sliding scale, from $175 - $345. Send an email to [email protected] or let a staff member know if additional support is needed, or if you have any questions. Thanks for making CJJ your Jewish social justice home. 

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