A message from the Raleigh Reparative Justice Resolution Working Group:

Given that the Raleigh City Council did NOT approve the complete Reparative Justice resolution, and did not agree to form a racial equity commission, we need to act to make this happen.  We are asking for a Reparative Justice TASK FORCE to be formed and funded. 

As promised, below are the talking points to use when speaking during public comment to the Raleigh City Council.  Please note the change in public comment dates.  https://raleighnc.gov/petition-address-city-council   You must sign up in advance of the meeting at which you wish to speak!

We are asking for your support and help in three ways!

  1. To be really effective, we'd like at least 10 people to speak at each City Council meeting on behalf of forming a task force as a result of the City Council adopting the Reparative Justice Resolution, talking points below. Your passionate statements on this are so needed. We must speak up to the Raleigh City Council! You don't have to speak for the full 3 minutes, and remember to rehearse your comment so you do come under the 3 minute limit so you are not stopped in mid-sentence.
  2. We want people who have experienced racism in Raleigh (personal, environmental, housing issues, etc.) to speak and tell their stories, and then ask for the taskforce to be formed.
  3. We want experts in the "whereas" statements of the Resolution to speak with their expertise and how it applies to racism in Raleigh.  We will address that need next week with further details.  But please start thinking about who from your organization that could be. Those areas include police profiling, housing discrimination, education, health/environmental racism, and economic disinvestment (banking, food deserts, etc.)

Talking points for public comment to City Council:

  • Introduce yourself and the organization you represent.  Speak to the reason your organization signed on to support the Reparative Justice Resolution in 2022.

  • Thank the City Council for their consideration of the reparative justice resolution. But an apology without actions does not make a difference in African American lives. We are aware there are several unfilled staff positions. We want to ensure that this critically important community initiative receives appropriate attention and resources. We are looking for the outcome of this work to receive funding in the city's FY25 budget.  The City Council needs to establish a reparative justice task force. 

  • The task force composition should include persons with expertise in anti-racism practices, ensuring that a diverse and knowledgeable group will lead the efforts to identify perpetuating discrimination against the African-American community.

  • The task force should not be limited to short-term solutions but have a long-term vision for sustainable change. This includes developing strategies to prevent future discrimination and promoting ongoing efforts to achieve racial equity in all aspects of Raleigh's community and governance.

  • The task force should establish clear metrics to measure the progress of its initiatives and ensure accountability. Regular updates and reports to the public that tracks the impact of proposed policies and ensure their successful implementation.

  • As an anti-racist ally, speak to your convictions and passion about anti-racism and the effect it has had on you, your neighbors, and your city.

We will be forming a panel of experts to address the whereas section of the resolution, headed by Mary Thompson.  If you have any questions on that now, please contact Mary at [email protected]

Thank you so much for your attention and action on this vital issue for our city. 

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