During Passover, we reflect on our history of suffering and bondage — of Pharaoh and the plagues, of our ancestors' escape out of Egypt, and of the long journey through the wilderness that followed. In Hebrew, Egypt is called Mitzrayim — a narrow place, a place of constriction and oppression. The Egypt that enslaved the Jews was a Mitzrayim, but it isn't not the only one. The Mitzrayims of today include white supremacy, transphobia, sexism, xenophobia, and brutal, racist policing.

CJJ is committed to confronting and resisting the narrow places of our time, and we also remember that for every Mitzrayim, there is a wide expanse of freedom, and that the Promised Land — the world as it should be — is our destiny. We are meant to be free. All people are meant to be free. And we get there by marching together.

Below you'll find a collection of invitations and resources for Passover 5782. Please contact us at [email protected] to contribute additional recommendations.

Challenging the Carbon Pharaohs
Thursday, April 7, at 7:30pm: Join Rabbi Arthur Waskow and Rabbi Phyllis Berman from the Shalom Center as they guide us through new Tellings of the Haggadah, looking back at history and at the call for earth justice in our current moment. Together, they’ll share insights into their new Earth & Justice Freedom-Seder challenging the Corporate Carbon Pharaohs, the Iftar-Seder bringing together Muslims and Jews as Passover and Ramadan coincide, and the impact of the Freedom Seder more than 50 years later. Register here.  You can also their Earth & Justice Freedom Seder at https://bit.ly/TSCEarthSeder.

Elsewhere's 11th Annual Radical Seder

Tuesday, April 19, from 5:30-7:30pm: CJJ is cosponsoring the Elsewhere Museum's 11th Annual Radical Seder! Stay tuned for more info soon!

Never Again Action Community Seder

Tuesday, April 19, at 8:00pm: Out friends at Never Again Action are gathering together as a movement to celebrate Passover with ritual, song, storytelling, and at least 4 beverages. We'll hear from partners in the fight for immigration justice and connect our stories of collective liberation across time. Friends, family, and community of all kinds are welcome! RSVP here.

Other Resources
We invite you to
check out these awesome social justice haggadot/supplements/other resources by our partners for use in your own seders.

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