Having our own faith.

Having our own faith.

Diamond Staton-Williams is a registered nurse, small business owner, mother of three (which includes two teenage girls), and a member of the North Carolina State House of Representatives. Before SB 20 was adopted by the Republican majority, Staton-Williams shared her abortion experience with her fellow legislators.  This was met with a retort by Rep. Keith Kidwell that Staton-Williams was “going to the Church of Satan.” Kidwell, who in March 2023 was the primary sponsor of a bill that would ban legal abortion in NC except as necessary to save a mother’s life,  later issued an apology and resigned his deputy whip position.  

In February, during Faith Based Advocacy Day, a group of us from Temple Beth El met with three legislators: Diamond Staton-Williams, Frances Jackson, and Laura Budd.  We shared with Staton-Williams that our Jewish faith, dating back to the Torah, does not view abortion as murder, and that abortion at times is required in Judaism when the life of the pregnant person is at stake. Staton-Williams then shared her abortion story with us, telling us that she sought guidance from God before she made her decision.  Regarding Kidwell’s comment, Staton-Williams’ response aligned with our Jewish values:  “I think as a person of faith, and believe as a person of faith,” and she was disappointed that Kidwell's faith couldn’t recognize that she could have her “own faith” and her “own beliefs."

Read more about Kidwell at this link.

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