High Holiday Resources 5783

CJJ is proud to connect our members to other Jewish communities' High Holiday programming to help us reflect on 5782 and look forward toward a new year.

And who knows? You may even come across a friendly face from your chapter or build a new connection!

To learn more and register for online and in-person High Holiday services and ritual:

Additional Resources

Virtual workshops following North African traditions

Led by Laura Elkeslassy, learn Maghrebi liturgy for Arvit Rosh Hashana in this sacred music workshop. We will brush up famous piyuttim such as Akhot Ketana, which we’ll learn to “dress” on Rau Banim and will dig into new liturgy such as Kiddush, Lamnatseah al Hagitit, Ledavid Mizmor. This workshop will take place September 22nd 8-9:30pm EST/5-6:30pm PST.  RSVP here for the Rosh Hashana workshop 
Yom Kippur Workshop will take place Sunday October 2 12pm EST, and this one is sponsored by My Jewish Learning. RSVP here for the Yom Kippur workshop! 

Want even more?

Check out this round-up of high holyday resources from the JVP Havurah Network. 

Thank you to Shirly Bahar, Zev Ben-Hur, Hannah Goldman, Jordan Bridges, Mirushe Zylali, Laura Elkeslassy and all our partners for helping our members in connecting to our traditions and stories from across the Diaspora. 

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